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At the end of the month the Germans were driven to America special, as they say, the most powerful version of the Audi R8 Competition 2019-2020, which, for all that, will also most charged a wheelbarrow in the company at all, even if we take the whole period of its existence. They decided to renew people’s interest in his creation, although this car for a long time and has not been updated in a specific form, and those carried out at all the antics of the company, each time enjoying what they show.

In this case, we were shown a car with a quite frequent splashes of carbon fiber, making it much more modern. The new optics also adds a charm of its novelty, but those who want to imagine such a miracle, will have to hurry, in doing so, buy it will be exclusively in the US, because until we get it is not particularly in a hurry. To all this should add the fact that the manufacturer expects to release only 60 cars on such a small circulation was not expected, but may, at the great success, will be made a bit more, who knows.

Audi R8 Competition 2015

The technology, as it was always, will come with a very steep motor that has a great capacity – 5.2 liters. It has dozens of cylinders and, as they say, nothing more. At this time, the public immediately pleased with 570 horses, which gave a chance to drive the car a little faster than he could do it before. And let the maximum speed is not any record, however, not everyone will be able to give the supercar to 320 km / h so confident.

Besides, here began to appear brand new numbers on the acceleration performance, now sat behind the wheel of this beautiful structure, it will be possible to get a chic adrenaline rush, accelerating 3.2 seconds. Ah yes, the engine decided to combine with a recognizable robotic gearbox, which has already met us before, there will be seven stages of it.

Audi R8 Competition двигатель

Audi R8 Competition салон

Of the innovations, as mentioned above, there were more of carbon, much more. Almost, if not all, body kit made of it, and to the delight of the driver, the material will show off even in the interior that really improve the image of the model. By the end of the premiere is not as much as previously thought, because those who prepared the money to buy, already rather tired waiting for his treasure. I’d like to believe that in this exclusive, we can still see something interesting, so we’re a couple of them, we also expect a presentation.

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